Monday, June 27, 2011

Brighter is better - Remix #16

If there are any of you out there paying really close attention to my 30 for 30 collection, you'd realize that this dress wasn't one of my items. I decided to switch it for this sweater, which I haven't worn yet and probably won't wear:

This dress is fairly new, and it's one of only a handful of floral prints that I own. I recently decided that I need to fix this problem - I always see bloggers (the lovely Tieka comes to mind) wearing floral prints, and they look so sweet and feminine. And you know, I really did feel more feminine in this dress, especially with the cute little ruffle across the chest. I got it at Target, and it was between this and a soft gray dress. Naturally, I chose the one with the bright colors. As pretty as the gray dress was, I am just not a "neutrals" kind of person. I wish I was, because everyone says neutrals are so versatile - but honestly, I have so many bright colored clothes that brights are probably just as versatile as neutrals to me now.

How do you guys feel about neutrals vs. brights? Love one, hate the other? Or do you wear both frequently?

Dress: Target
Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft
Belt: free from aunt
Earrings: made by a friend
Necklace: free with purchase from UnderGlass

PS - You may have missed my two weekend posts - I'll be doing those for the duration of the 30 for 30. Here's Saturday's post, and here's Sunday's.


  1. I am a neutral girl, but I'm trying to break the bad habit. I, too, have been so inspired by the colorful wardrobes belonging to the 30/30 ladies. This dress is gorgeous, and you can always dim the color when in the mood, by using black, denim, etc. Great substitution piece. You look very feminine. Quick question about your shoes, speaking of versatility, can you switch out the ribbons? I think they're really great looking as is, but it seems as though there might be endless possibilities.

  2. I'm totally a color girl. For a while my mom was encouraging me to buy clothes in dark neutral colors because they don't show dirt and they match everything. I decided to turn this around when one Sunday the only outfits I could come up were totally black and grey. I think you're right Stacey, when you fill your closet with bright colors they all tend to go with each other, sometimes you can even put almost clashing colors together and they go just because they are both so bright.
    One neutral color that I like is white, in the summer there's nothing more happy-making for me than wearing crisp, breezy white on a sunny day.

  3. That dress is so pretty! I really love brights, although I probably don't wear them as often as neutrals.

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