Monday, June 13, 2011

Simply overdressed - Remix #1

When I get the chance to wear something other than the scruffy jeans and t-shirts I wear for work, I like to "bring the fancy." This means I tend to overdress, especially on the weekends. I was overdressed in this outfit when we went to church yesterday (apparently everyone wears jeans nowadays), I was overdressed when we went to WinCo afterwards, and I was overdressed for a quick burger and fries at Five Guys after that.

Do you like the squinting I'm doing in all these photos? We experienced the unusual phenomenon yesterday of having a painfully bright overcast day. I've never seen anything like it. It was so bright that I literally started crying. And in case you're wondering, this is me crying:

That's why I try to never cry in front of other people.

With beautiful vintage pieces like this dress, I try not to pile on the accessories so that the clothes can shine instead. I just went with a simple brown bracelet, some tiny white dove earrings, and a thin leopard-print belt for a bit of spunkiness. Simple, but fancy.

Dress and jacket: vintage, from my mom
Shoes: BCBG via Macy's
Belt: H&M
Earrings: gift, from Bethlehem
Bracelet: gift, from Italy

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