Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thanks Dad - Remix #7

Thanks for being the dad who coached all our sports teams growing up. Thanks for buying me really cool vintage clothes. Thanks for making corny jokes even though everyone says they're awful. (I still like them.) Thanks for being the only family member who didn't freak out when I got engaged after a month of dating Josh. Thanks for keeping a positive spirit whenever bad things happen. Thanks for sending me to college. And thanks for this white shirt. (I hope you didn't need it anymore.)

So yeah, I'm wearing my dad's shirt. (I promise, I didn't really steal it.) It's the first time I've worn it, and only the second time I've worn this striped skirt, and yet for some reason I felt compelled to include them in my 30 items. There are actually a couple other items in my collection of 30 that I've never worn before, but they were new right before the challenge started, and I knew I didn't want to go a whole month without wearing them.

Black tee: Forever 21
White button-up shirt: free from my dad
Skirt: Forever 21
Tights: Forever 21
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell via Lulu's
Belt: free from aunt
Earrings: free from aunt
Necklace (worn as bracelet): owned since 2nd grade

It rained all day yesterday, and it was so cold that I had to wear tights, so Josh and I walked down to a local coffee shop, Coffeehouse Northwest, to get a cappuccino to warm up a bit. We'd only been there once years before, and that was to see some of our neighbor's artwork hanging on the walls. We're really bad about always going to the same places over and over again and never trying anything new, so we decided to branch out and try something fairly new this time! It had a wonderful, cozy ambiance along with really fun art on the walls, great table lamps, and an adorable heart-in-the-foam on our cappuccino...


  1. This outfit is amazing. Love the play on stripes with your shoes. The black tights really work.

  2. I love all your outfit posts. YOU are so beautiful and have such a fab taste in clothing. Its inspiring :) I also wish there was a place around her that I could get a heart latte' like that...YUM!


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