Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mixed prints - Remix #2

This skirt has surprisingly turned out to be one of the most versatile pieces I own. You wouldn't think so, considering its crazy paisley palette, but I can wear it with at least a dozen tops in my closet. I loved it with today's top. I've actually worn almost this exact same outfit before - but if an outfit is worn and not posted on a fashion blog, does it really count?

I never used to mix patterns, but the ever wonderful Jessica does it so well that she inspired me to start doing it about a year ago. I haven't ventured past mixing a patterned skirt with a striped top because I feel like anything crazier just wouldn't look good on me. I feel like this outfit was a success, though, because the stripes on the shirt are so thin that they don't overwhelm the paisley, and they pick up the hints of red in the skirt.

Tee: Old Navy
Skirt: thrifted from Rerun
Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft
Belt, earrings, and bracelet: free from various aunts
Necklace: B. Lee Designs



  1. Like the blend of fuschia and red. Bright colors look great on you.

  2. Thanks Kris! Yeah, I love bright colors - about half my items in the 30 for 30 remix are shockingly bright!


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