Thursday, June 16, 2011

Days gone by - Remix #4

I'm calling this look "1920's gangster meets fussy Victorian lady meets Jackie O. meets modern urban sophisticate." (Or "gangstertorian" if you like.) There's a lot going on with this outfit. Normally my outfits are simpler than this, and I felt a bit weird wearing all of these items together, but I think it works. (I could be wrong, though.) I definitely got a lot of stares when I went to the post office in this getup, which in Portland means I must be doing something unique.

My (fake) pearl necklace broke, so I just tied the ends together. Sometimes being cheap and lazy (read: not wanting to drive to Forever 21 to buy another $3 strand of beads) turns into resourcefulness, and I kind of like the knotted look.

The only thing I paid for myself in this outfit are the shoes. Gotta love family members who give me all kinds of clothes for free!

Dress: vintage, from my mom
Lace blouse: free, from my aunt's friend
Shoes: Lulu's
Hat: gift from aunt
Earrings: gift from aunt (B. Lee Designs)
Pin: free from aunt
Necklace: free from my mom
Belt: came with another dress


  1. Very cool. I love that you knotted the "pearls"...I have a strand (also "pearls") that isn't broken but that's how I wear them most of the time. I so wish we lived closer together!

  2. Kristin, I wish we lived closer together too! A thousand miles is just too far :) Although I suppose if we lived in the same town we'd go on weekly shopping sprees together, and that just wouldn't be good for our checking accounts!

  3. You're totally rocking this look! I LOVE everything about it! =)


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