Monday, August 15, 2011

Men and women

Sorry, I don't have any profound truths to share with you about the difference between men and women! I'm just wearing an extremely masculine shirt and an extremely feminine skirt. I like the contrast, and the somewhat casual feel the oversized shirt gives to an otherwise dressy outfit.

Speaking of men and women, I've been watching Mad Men lately, where gender roles are somewhat severely defined, and women are looked at as crazy if they'd rather work than get married and raise a family. It's a fascinating show, but I really hate all the men in it. I especially want to kick Don Draper you-know-where repeatedly. He's such a major jerk that I almost want to stop watching the show - and yet I can't stop! The clothes are just too good.

Top: free from my dad
Skirt: thrifted from Village Merchants
Shoes: BCBG from Macy's
Belt: Scandinavian Festival in Astoria
Earrings: gift from aunt
Necklace: gift from friend, from Thailand


  1. Awesome belt with that outfit!
    I've seen Mad men like once or twice and from what I have seen it's seems like a show I'd probably get addicted too. Probably because of all the characters.

  2. Love the shoes! Perfect color and that skirt is so cute. Great find (as usual)

    xoxo Denise

  3. This look is so adorable. I love these shoes. I love the way that belt is tied!

  4. Omg your blog is the cutest !!! U have a new follower

  5. You look so chic! I do think in looks you resemble some of the women on Mad Men. I lived through that era as a child and I have to confess many of the men were indeed like Don Draper and the rest of the cast. By the 1970s we had a whole generation of men raised by Don D.

  6. You really should be a model!!

    Love, Dad (p.s., nice shirt)


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