Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fill 'er up

I'm currently feeling pretty proud of the fact that everything in this outfit cost less than $10 each! Let's break it down, shall we?

Sunglasses: $7.99
Earrings: free
Tank top: $7
Blazer: $3
Shorts: $8
Bracelet: $4
Shoes: $5

Grand total: $34.99

Not too bad! This means that this whole outfit cost less than a tank of gas.

Tank: Target
Blazer: Old Navy brand, thrifted from The Dig
Shorts: H&M brand, thrifted from Crossroads Trading Co.
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses: TJ Maxx
Earrings: free from aunt
Bracelet: Charlotte Russe


  1. Love the blazer! Great thrift finds!

    xoxo Denise

  2. Wow, you are so savvy! Awesome finds!


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