Monday, August 8, 2011


Josh and I (and our dog Onyx!) headed down to the beach this past weekend for a much-needed vacation. We never take trips anywhere, so it was nice to get away from home. My family owns a house on the coast, so we stayed there and had fun poking around antique shops, eating local donuts and hot dogs, playing on the beach with the dog, and watching movies (Elf and Employee of the Month - both surprisingly good!). Even on vacation I didn't want to look like a total slob, so I brought along my favorite nice sweatshirt and my wonderfully walkable Jeffrey Campbell wedges. I was ├╝ber-comfy but still felt like I looked good - and that, I think, is the essence of vacation clothes.

And, since I was wearing my Jeffrey Campbell's while on the sand, I decided to re-create the photo that's currently on the Lulu's shoe page:

Not bad. I guess my dreams of being a shoe model haven't been totally in vain :)

Sweatshirt: Anthropologie
Shorts: Gap jeans cut into shorts by me
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell from Lulu's
Scarf: thrifted


  1. Looks like a beautiful place and sounds like a lovely time. What are those people doing with those kites over the water? Are they surfing or something? Looks like great fun!

  2. I think they're windsurfing - it looked like so much fun!

  3. Lovely beach photos! Those could totally be your feet in that Lulu's picture! Great beachy outfit.

    Julie Del @ J.Bird

  4. Lovely scarf and very nice ankles which every shoe model needs to have.


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