Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In the zone

This outfit felt very tame to me when I first put it on. (I'm wearing dark green and black! Who am I?!) So of course I had to add a totally-not-matching leopard print belt and a funky hat. Josh pointed out that just because I'm not wearing brights doesn't mean my outfit is boring. I know a lot of people have trouble breaking out of the "neutral zone" with their clothes, but I have trouble breaking into it! Every time I latch onto the most eye-wateringly neon color in the store, I just need to remind myself that brighter isn't always better. (But sometimes it is.)

Top: Target
Skirt: thrifted from Red Light Clothing Exchange
Shoes: Lulu's
Hat and earrings: gift from aunt
Bracelets and belt: H&M


  1. The skirt is a beautiful fit and color but the shirt was not it's soul-mate. Maybe use the belt for inspiration: a soft,brown cowl neck sweater, a silk leopard print blouse, or a white dress shirt with a long black tailored jacket to match the hat.

  2. I agree, Rebekah. I wanted a kind of lightweight shirt because it was warm out, and I wanted a pattern to make it a bit quirky, but it definitely wasn't the best fit. I love your suggestions, though! I'll have to try some of them when the weather gets cooler.


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