Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Once again

Yes, I'm wearing the same shoes and bracelet as I did in yesterday's post. I may have a lot of clothes, but I also have my favorites that I wear over and over again, and these shoes and this bracelet are some of those. Lately I've been feeling this compulsion to make sure everything about each new outfit I post on this blog is different from the ones I posted the week before. I think that's too much to expect from myself, because if I have great items in my wardrobe like these wedges, I should wear them all the time. They make me happy, and then I get my money's worth out of them :) Speaking of these wedges, when they first arrived in the mail a few months ago, I had a stomach-sinking moment where I thought, "Crap, these shoes are only going to go with about two things in my closet." Obviously that's not true, as they've made quite a few appearances on here - I think with these shoes I just have to get a bit creative and pair them with things other than plain ol' red, like this floral dress, some bright pink, or some neons. And maybe today's outfit isn't especially creative, but at least the shoes make it interesting!

Tee: Old Navy
Shorts: Gap jeans cut into shorts by me
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell from Lulu's
Bracelet: Charlotte Russe
Purse: thrifted

1 comment:

  1. First those shoes are awwwesome.

    And second, I know that feeling of having to mix it up for the blog, but I agree with you. Especially in a world where my favourite shoes of this year may look disappointingly passé next year, I see no reason not to wear them every day (well, I'll break it up a little). Also, the whole point of style blogs is to love our clothes, right? I tend to wear something intensively for a few weeks, forget about it for a month or so, wear it intensively again... and we all have a different rhythm with these things.

    Hehe, sorry for the mega comment!


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