Friday, June 3, 2011

Are you kidding me?

Obviously the title has nothing to do with my outfit. My clothes don't joke around with me, at least not very often. Sometimes my jeans mock me when I can't fit into them.

No, the title is talking about the weather. Those of us who live in Portland like to talk about the weather a lot. When we get together, we talk about the weather yesterday, the weather today, and the weather tomorrow. Then we complain about whatever the weather is now, and wish it was the exact opposite. I'm sure all of you are aware that it's June, but I don't think the Oregon weather has realized that yet. Alaska is putting us to shame. It's currently nicer in Anchorage than it is in Portland. Get with it, Oregon. Everyone is laughing at you.

Tee: Gap thrifted from Rerun
Skirt: thrifted from Crossroads Trading Co.
Shoes: Lulu's
Earrings: UnderGlass
Bracelet: gift from aunt

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