Monday, July 23, 2012

Four eyes

Every now and then I spend a day wearing my glasses instead of my contacts. I wore glasses for about five years before I got tired of how they looked on my face, and how they made my vision clear when looking straight ahead, but blurry when looking down, so I switched to contacts.

This was my church outfit for Sunday. I wasn't feeling great, so I decided to forgo heels in favor of sandals. Sickness is one of the few things in the world that makes me willing to wear sensible shoes.

White top: H&M
Gray cardigan: Gap
Floral skirt: thrifted from Village Merchants
Brown sandals: Nordstrom Rack
Pink necklace: vintage, gift from my grandma
Brown belt: thrifted
Pink bracelet: H&M

I'm linking this post up to Monday Mingle and Watch What I'm Wearing.


  1. Your glasses look great on you. . .very sophisticated! LOVE that floral skirt! The colours are so pretty!

    xo Jenny

    1. Thank you, Jenny! I never would have thought of my glasses as sophisticated, but it's nice to hear it from someone else :)

  2. You look cute in your glasses! When I've got a cold or am feeling crummy, I usually wear my glasses, too. And flats, for that matter. =) I love that sweet skirt!

    1. Yeah, I tend to let my style slide a bit when I'm feeling under the weather - I leave off the makeup, I wear flats, I wear glasses...


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