Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blue and gold

I've been horrible about taking outfit photos lately, but that just means I've been enjoying my free time too much to bother about what I wear. Once summer hits (and it has finally reached us in Oregon), I tend to revert to a very simple wardrobe. I like being able to put on a comfortable dress when I'm heading out on an evening walk with Josh, without having to agonize over whether or not it will make for interesting blog photos. It's nice to be a bit more casual in the summer. So if I post less frequently in the next month or two, that's why!

This outfit was from a wedding we went to a few weeks ago. I'm glad I found another chance to wear this gold dress - it's too fancy for everyday use, but perfect for weddings.

Gold dress: H&M
Blue scarf: street vendor in China
Heels: Jessica Simpson (Dany heels) from Macy's
Purse: Michael Kors, thrifted from Salvation Army
Gold bracelet: gift from my mom, from Yosemite


  1. Aw man. I've said it before and I'll say it again, THIS DRESS IS SO GORGEOUS! I wish you were coming to my wedding. I would INSIST Bridezilla style that you wear this dress. I am also glad that you are enjoying your free time without a worry about your outfits. That is a VERY GOOD thing!

    1. Ha, I can't imagine you being a Bridezilla! And it wouldn't take much persuading to get me to wear that dress to another wedding :)

  2. That gold dress is so gorgeous!

  3. definitely a great dress for an evening out, and those shoes are so fun!
    glad you are enjoying the summer.

  4. You look beautiful in gold. And I love that wrap.

  5. Glad you are enjoying the summer! It is hot, hot, hot over here! This is a stunning dress and looks incredible on you!



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