Thursday, July 5, 2012

Gold sandals

I hope all you Americans had a nice Independence Day yesterday! My holiday was spent working for three hours, getting horribly ill, and going home early to spend the rest of the day lying in bed. Yuck.

This was an outfit from a few days ago when Josh and I took an evening stroll (and, naturally, stopped at Salt & Straw - I got the amazing pear and blue cheese ice cream). I just got these sandals from Asos a week ago, and I love them. At first the soles were a bit slick and I was worried they'd be a hazard to walk in, but after a day of wearing them they built up some traction. And for those of you in the market for gold sandals, they're on sale for $12 now!

I realize you can't really see my eyes in this photo, and I tried to fix it in Photoshop but made it worse, so let's just pretend I'm wearing something cool like a superhero eye-mask.

Green t-shirt dress: free from my aunt
Jean jacket: thrifted from Rerun
Gold sandals: Asos
Leopard print hat: Albertus Swanepoel for Target
Purse: Urban Outfitters
Gold necklace: Dress Barn
Gold bracelet: gift from my mom, from Yosemite
Brown belt: thrifted


  1. Hi,

    Love the sandals! Are they comfy?

  2. I loooooove this look Stacey! I do hope you feel better though--icky to be sick on the Fourth!!! The sandals and necklace and hat are great compliments to this olive green dress. Very pretty!

  3. i love olive green with gold! hope you feel better, soon.
    and that ice cream sounds just crazy enough to be really good.

    1. I was on the fence about that flavor before I tried it, but once they gave me a free sample, I was sold! They have tons of unusual flavors there that seem like they could be awful, but always end up tasting amazing, like their olive oil ice cream.

  4. Oh, no, sorry you got sick. I hope you're feeling better.

    Also, I think I wandered by Salt & Straw during Last Thursday. Is it on Alberta?

    Love the gold sandals and if they soles still aren't rough enough, I've found those stick-on grips work pretty well.

    1. Yep, there's one on Alberta! Plus another one on NW 23rd, and an ice cream cart on Division.

  5. I never thought I'd say I loved a bucket hat...but yours is SO CUTE! It looks totally chic and awesome with the denim and cotton dress. Amaaaaazing styling as always :)

    <3 Cambria

  6. as soon as i saw those sandals, i knew they were from asos! i've been stalking them for a while now, but i still can't decide if i could actually pull off gold sandals. i love them on you though, and i love the whole outfit!

    1. You should order them anyway and see if you like them! Asos has free shipping both ways, so sometimes I'll order something from them that I'm on the fence about, and then just send it back for free if I don't like it.

  7. Very cute outfit, I love the colors and the pop of your super cute accessories! Love!

    xo Teresa


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