Thursday, July 19, 2012

Black and white on a summer evening

Here's an outfit from yet another one of our evening strolls - we can't seem to stay indoors on these beautiful summer evenings, and we also can't stay away from Salt & Straw. (On this trip we shared scoops of double-fold vanilla and mixed berries - some of the more normal flavors there.)

Striped shirt: Target
Black and white shorts: Loft
Gold sandals: Asos
White purse: free from my aunt
White necklace: H&M

The other day I went to Pix Patisserie in SE Portland with my mom and brother. If you're in the area you really should stop by - the desserts may be expensive, but they're delicious little works of art. My mom got the Shazam, which is the wavy chocolate tower in the middle below, and I got the macarons pictured at the bottom (pistachio, blackcurrant, and salted caramel).


  1. I love the stripe combo! And I love salt & straw. Sea salt with caramel is my favorite. My husband hates it there though because "the flavors are weird."

    1. My brother refuses to try their ice cream because he says all the flavors sound gross. Well, maybe they do, but they're still amazing!

  2. mmmmmm dessert. is there anything better?
    i love a good black and white print mix, and i can't blame you for wanting to get out and enojoy the good weather.

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh my gosh! Everything about this outfit is yes yes yes!!! PINNING!

  4. Yummy!!!! I want to eat all of those chocolatey delights! I love your black and white look Stacey! The stripes and patterned shorts are really a cute pair!

  5. I love this pattern mixing. The classic color combo makes it work so well in such a graphic way! The gold sandals are the perfect accent. Love it!


  6. your outfit is SUPER cute! i love the pattern mixing you did; GREAT look!


    PS those sweets look divine!


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