Friday, October 26, 2012

Broken record

Sometimes I feel like a broken record, wearing the same things over and over again. Like these boots - I wore them in yesterday's post as well, also while posing in this alley. And in my two earlier posts this week, I wore the same black sweater both times. I guess I just have my favorites. I'm trying to get over my irrational fear of wearing the same item of clothing (or shoes) two days in a row. When I lived in China I noticed that all my students and all the other teachers at my college wore the exact same outfit for three or four days in a row, so eventually I started doing that too. If you love what you're wearing, why not wear it over and over again? But then I came back to America, where everyone feels compelled to wear something different every day. That's not a bad thing - I certainly like being creative with my outfits and trying to find new combinations, especially since I photograph what I wear for this blog. But every now and then, it's nice to wear a favorite piece a few times in a row.

Lace dress: H&M
White button-up shirt: free from my aunt
Brown coat: Marks and Spencer
Brown boots: Jessica Simpson from Macy's
Red necklace: B. Lee Designs
Brown braided belt: thrifted
Embroidered bracelet: thrifted from Village Merchants


  1. I love seeing other style bloggers wear their favorite pieces frequently - that's what real peeps do :) I love this outfit. The leather boots are a great showcase for that amazing lace dress.

  2. I agree with Lynne! Remixes are my fave! The real world doesn't always call for new or different looks everyday. Plus, what's wrong with having favorites and getting the most of your wardrobe? Nothing, says I. I absolutely adore your lacy dress!

  3. Oh, that dress is so fabulous. I love this layered look.

    I wear my riding boots all the time, but I am kind of funny about wearing them two days in a row because of the blog. I think if I didn't blog, I'd wear them every day without even thinking about it.

  4. Well I enjoy watching(listening) to your broken record! I love this layered look. I would've never thought to put white underneath. The dress is beautiful too. Hey - when you find something that works - like your boots - how can you not wear them a lot?!

  5. I love this lace dress - so pretty. I hear ya on feeling like you are on on repeat mode - you do such a great job mixing that it's not noticeable at all.


  6. Oh man, I wouldn't have noticed the repeating if you hadn't pointed it out! I appreciate that you talk about this stuff, how our culture assigns some arbitrary meaning to *omg* wearing the same piece of clothing two days in a row. I think its one of those obsolete privilege-laden "no white after Labour Day" things.

    I'm still new to blogging, and sorting out my own repeating-on-the-blog feelings whereas I don't worry as much IRL, but liking how it's challenging me to wear a much broader range of what I own. When I get really busy, I'm back to just grabbing what's "on top" or repeating what's worked well lately.

    You look fabulous, love the brown coat with the dress and boots.


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