Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Claudia and Stacey

I don't have anything to say about this outfit other than it was cute, functional, and super comfy. (Hello, stretchy waistband...)

Now moving on to much more interesting things...I found this awesome website yesterday called What Claudia Wore, based on the style of Claudia Kishi from The Babysitters Club books. I don't know about you guys, but I was obsessed with those books as a kid. (Especially since one of the characters was named Stacey. I even tried writing hearts over all my "i"s just like her, until I realized that it took way to long to write anything that way.) Some of my favorite parts of those books were the descriptions of Claudia's wacky outfits. (I also loved hearing about her secret stashes of junk food.) Were any of you into those books?

Black sweater: Target
Green skirt: Anthropologie
Black suede boots: Urban Outfitters
Blue necklace: made by my aunt
Green bracelet: thrifted from Village Merchants


  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOO MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. that is too funny/cool/awesome! My sister and I were obsessed with those books and my favorite character was Claudia and all because of her outfits and junk food. I even did a blog post about her and wearing a "her" outfit way back in the day. Love that! It was the middle school version of SATC of our generation, I'm pretty sure.

    Sorry, got carried away. At any rate, I love your skirt. LOL at your hearts over the i's. I totally remember that.

  2. I was more into the boxcar children, but I like the idea of a blog based on things that a character would wear. so fun!

  3. Stacy was always my favorite! I love that website -- added to my reader, pronto!

  4. Dying over that gorgeous skirt! And I am SO headed over...Claudia was always my fave!


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