Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I'll be honest - even though I wore these platform heels around the house, I had to change into the flats (pictured below) to walk to this photo location. (And then yes, I changed back into the platforms for photos, but only after Josh insisted on snapping some photos of me wearing the flats - you know, for a touch of reality.) On flat ground I can handle myself in these heels, but we live in a neighborhood with a lot of hills, and trying to walk down a hill in these shoes is equivalent to asking for a broken nose. The only time I can wear them is at home, or if I change into them after driving somewhere in flats.

I loved the combination of florals in this outfit! In fact, it felt so fun and comfy that I think it's a combination I'll be wearing several times this coming spring.

Floral peplum top: H&M
Floral skirt: thrifted from Village Merchants
Platforms: Jessica Simpson Dany heels from Macy's
Hat: from an antique show
Necklace: Evidence Jewelry, won in a giveaway
Gold leaf cuff bracelet: In Pink


  1. Stacey these florals look absolutely beautiful on you (and I can't believe how long your hair looks all of a sudden)!! Funnily enough I love the outfit just as much with the flats - maybe a little more than the heels...? Both fabulous!!

    Catherine x

    1. Thanks, Catherine! Looking at these photos, I think I almost like the flats better as well.

  2. i absolutely love this outfit, and those floral go together perfectly! is that top a recent h&m purchase? this weekend i'm going to h&m to find some new clothes that don't swallow me, and if that top is still there, i think i need it!

    1. I got the top about a month and a half ago, but when I was in H&M a couple weeks ago they still had it in stock!

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  4. This outfit is awesome, I love love the peplum top with the skirt, it's gorgeous. And don't worry, I do the same thing, I have a few pairs of shoes that are great for photos but not much physical activity. Haha, lovely post! :)


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