Tuesday, April 17, 2012


On Saturday Josh and I were in the wedding of some of our dear friends, Rachel and Matt. All the groomsmen got suspenders for the occasion, and as soon as I could I borrowed Josh's pair for this outfit. They were fun to wear, mostly because of their superfluity - generally my outfits are less about function and more about aesthetics.

I cropped these pants myself. They were inexpensive floor-length pants I bought at Target years ago, and since I hadn't worn them for years I tried to make them usable again by shortening them, but I think they still might be too long. What do you guys think - would they look better if they were an inch or two shorter?

After taking these photos I realized I wore the same shirt, shoes, and bracelet in my Easter outfit. I guess sometimes I get stuck on repeat.

Floral shirt: Georgia tee from StyleMint
Black pants: Target, cropped by me
Red cardigan: free from my aunt
Black wedges: Lulu's
Black hat: gift from my aunt
Silver earrings: gift from my mom
Suspenders: borrowed from Josh
White bracelet: H&M

Here's a photo of me and Josh from the wedding on Saturday! We both looked so good that I couldn't resist sharing it...


  1. you look so cute with those! This outfit is very masculine and it looks awesome on you! :) x

  2. Aw! What a cute couple! You both look great and I LOVE your suspenders! Bring 'em back girl! I think you're right about shortening the pants just a trite more, though they look good now too and those earrings are wonderful!

  3. You really look cute and even your shoes match his tie!For the pants I think they need to be taken in not shortened.

    1. That didn't even occur to me, but I think you're right about taking them in. Time to experiment with my sewing skills :)

  4. I'm a huge fan of suspenders yet I don't own a pair...hmmm...need to fix that! Love this look ;)


  5. You and your man just look delightful together...such a gorgeous picture! And this outfit is such fun...love the suspenders, they add a unique touch...and of course this shirt is one of my favs.

    <3 Cambria

    Enter my Shabby Apple GIVEAWAY!!!

  6. Wonderful pictures!
    I like your style!

    If you want, check out my blog:

  7. Stacey - this is just the coolest, coolest outfit... you look sooo amazing, I love it! But I can't bring myself to say "suspenders" - they mean something else entirely in the UK, I'm sure you know what ;)))) (LOVE the wedding photo btw, you both look so wonderful!)

    Catherine x

    1. Ha! Yes, I do know what it means in the UK :) Sometimes I realize that the words I use must give my British readers a chuckle, like "pants" instead of "trousers"!

  8. Suspenders are not only functional - they also give an extra kick to a simple outfit. I love them on you! Doreen

  9. When cropped pants came out several years ago I thought they were a great thing for us older gals that don't wear shorts anymore, but I am coming to the conclusion they just aren't that flattering even on skinny models. So I agree with Angie that you would probably like your crops better if you tapered them down to follow the line of your leg. It is a pain to undo the hem and resew them, but I've been doing this and it is worth the effort. I also "skinnify" regular jeans this way so I can control how skinny they are. Even at my age I want to look modern but not like a sausage. :)


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