Wednesday, September 19, 2012


The title of this post is referring to both the temperature and the state of my brain. We've been experiencing a heat wave here, and I love it. I wore this dress on Monday, a 90-degree day, and felt perfectly comfortable all day long. The eye-assaulting colors and print made me pretty happy, too :)

As for my brain, well...I love the tax class I'm taking, but after every class I come home completely exhausted and unable to do anything except look at pictures of pretty clothes in magazines for the rest of the evening. (Which is actually not a bad way to spend two nights a week.)

Dress: Nordstrom Rack
Brown sandals: Nordstrom Rack
Earrings: free from my aunt
Bracelet: gift from my mom, from Belize


  1. Love the dress on you. wishing for hot weather here but I think the idea of having another heat wave over here is long gone. Thought I was the only one who stares at outfit pictures all evening ;)
    k at

  2. Lucky you! (in regards to the weather) it is starting to get downright chilly at night and in the morning here. I don't even want the windows open a crack.
    Love the dress, so vibrant and pretty.

  3. What a gorgeous dress Stacey! After coming back from a tropical island, Colorado feels like an icebox (even though the temp is the same, it's just not humid here). I think that browsing pretty clothes sounds like a perfectly acceptable way to spend the evening.

  4. You should have titled this post "Gorgeous" because you look amazing. I love eye-searing clothing and it looks perfect on you!

  5. This dress and you in - gorgeous combo. I love the print, the fit, everything!

  6. What a eye catching dress. Love the print!


  7. Bold ethnic prints like this are SO MUCH FUN to wear! Love the colours in yours.

    <3 Cambria

  8. You more than hold your own in this wonderful dress - I so admire your ability to carry off intense colours and amazing prints! The simple accessories are perfect. Good for you for listening to your brain-needs for post-class downtime, which serves an integrative function to learning. Glad to hear you're loving your course!

  9. You dont look fried you look fantastic!


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