Thursday, February 28, 2013

Plain Jane

Here's a "plain Jane" outfit from the other day. Apart from the wrinkly skirt, I thought it was cute, even if it was a bit simple. During the afternoon that I wore this outfit, while I was snacking on some popcorn, part of one of my teeth broke off. Ahhhh! It was a horrifying experience, to pull a chunk of broken tooth out of my mouth. But thankfully I got it fixed yesterday, and I think I'll steer clear of popcorn for a while.

Also - where the heck did my eyebrows go?! I wish they would show up in photos more often...

Shirt: J. Crew
Skirt: Anthropologie
Jacket: Macy's
Boots: Jessica Simpson from Macy's
Hat: H&M
Scarf: made by me


  1. your bright green coat is fabulous - and yikes about the tooth! now i'm going to be wary next time i'm craving popcorn.

  2. I agree that the coat is fabulous, I think it's perfect for the skirt/boots combo, whatever shirt you have on underneath! And the first time I ever broke a tooth (sadly it's happened more than once) I was eating an ice cream sandwich, if you can believe that. How do you break a tooth on that?

  3. Oh dear!!! That so happened to me a couple of months ago too. Yikes! Glad you got it fixed. I think this blouse is sooooooo awesome! I'm a total sucker for gingham!

  4. So we all like your blouse. Of course we looks so good with your hair! Just wondering, do your eyebrows only disappear in photos or in person too, and do you fill them in at all?

  5. I love gingham. It looks really cute with that green coat!

    2ndhand Knowledge: A Style Blog

  6. I don't think this is plain at all. I love the gingham with that skirt. Gosh I wish I had nicer/any skirts. You have such pretty ones!

  7. This is SO NOT plain! I love the gingham print and navy...and that green jacket is such a fresh, fun color :)

    <3 Cambria


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