Monday, February 20, 2012

Gray day

Sometimes when it's a dreary, gray, blah day outside, wearing bright colors is just the thing I need to cheer myself up. Although honestly, what usually cheers me up on those kinds of days is a gigantic bowl of popcorn and a full season of Arrested Development, but I couldn't have that on Sunday, so I settled for bright colors instead. How do you guys cope with gray skies? (Books? Chocolate? Magazines? Those are other coping mechanisms of mine!)

This skirt is the only thing I've ever purchased from Zara, last summer when I was in California. We don't have one in Oregon, and none of the clothes on their website have appealed to me yet (even though they always look fantastic when I see bloggers wearing them). I feel like I wear it all the time, but when I went back and checked I only found it styled for winter a handful of times on my blog (here, here, here, and here).

Neon yellow sweater: Gap
Jean jacket: Gap (like ten years old)
Hot pink skirt: Zara
Black tights: Fred Meyer
Black suede boots: Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses: Oscar de la Renta from TJ Maxx
Silver earrings: free from aunt
Spider necklace: Bauble Bar
Ring: In Pink


  1. i love bright colours to brighten up a bleurgh day! these are fab together, the neon yellow jumper is soooo good!its like subsitutute sun when there is none! :)

  2. i love this outfit! i've seen so many yellow sweaters on blogs lately, and although i never fancied myself a yellow person, i'm really thinking i might want to get one!

    1. I don't normally like yellow either, but this sweater was just so happy that I had to have it!

  3. I love how you styled the bright combo...totally makes me yearn for spring! that ring is fabulous!!

  4. Wonderful colors, the sweater's perfection!! And the ring is very very pretty.

    S. - The Hearabouts

  5. It was my day to wear yellow ,too.You were more brave though and teamed it with pink. I buy lots from zara but only because there is little choice around here.

  6. Adore all the funky jewels! Thanks so much for sharing your style on Monday Mingle.

  7. your bright colors are awesome!
    I hate grey days... I always stay in if at all possible.
    Chic on the Cheap

  8. I am so in love with bright colors right now! It is fabulous in this outfit. Such a great look for a grey day, or any day really.


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