Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Since I wasn't quick enough to purchase that floral blouse from Zara that every fashion blogger has, I was thrilled to find this passable knock-off at a thrift store the other day. (Although I guess it's not technically a knock-off, since I'm sure it was made before the Zara blouse.) Floral prints and I are having a moment. In the last month I've purchased three floral print shirts, and next on my purchasing horizon is a pair of floral tights. (Basically, I want to re-create this outfit, but with even more florals. It will be epic. Or maybe just tacky.)

I had my sister-in-law pose for outfit photos when she was over on Saturday for a birthday party, because she always looks crazy adorable. I wish I had dressed as cute as she does when I was a teenager. Her outfit is the perfect example of something that's cozy enough for a cold winter day, comfy enough to walk around town in, but still super cute. She was a bit nervous about posing for photos, though, so show her some love in the comments, okay?! I especially love her earrings, which one of my other sisters-in-law made (she even made the felted balls herself!).

My outfit:
Floral blouse: thrifted from Village Merchants
Black faux leather skirt: H&M
Sunglasses: Oscar de la Renta from TJ Maxx
Dragon necklace: purchased in China
Silver bracelet: won in a giveaway
Gray bracelet: self-made
Striped tights: Romwe
Black wedges: Lulu's


  1. i love the zara floral blouses, but i don't have one either. like you, i thrifted a pretty great floral blouse before the floral craze got so crazy, and now i want to wear it all the time!

  2. You both look great :) I really love your sis-in-law's cardigan, and those earrings are so cool.

  3. You both look fabulous. I love your sister-in-law's boots and those earrings are awesome.

    I'm glad you and floral are having a moment. I struggle a bit with floral so I'm happy for the inspiration.

  4. Both of you look great! Cute outfits! Happy Valentine's Day! :)


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