Thursday, February 23, 2012

Around the world

This outfit is courtesy of my international travels. The vintage dress is from a flea market in Oxford, England. I lived there for a few months during college, doing a study abroad program, and every week I would walk down to the flea market in Gloucester Square. There was always a vintage clothing booth there, and I purchased quite a few pieces during my stay.

I found the blue coat (in the bottom photo) at a department store in Zhengzhou, China. I lived there for seven months teaching English, and wasn't prepared for how bitterly cold wintertime was, so I needed to buy a warmer coat. Even though I lived in a large city, foreigners and the English language were a rare commodity, so the department store had no English signs, none of the employees spoke English, and everyone stopped and stared at me the entire time I was trying on coats. I will freely admit that one of the main reasons I moved back to America was because I was tired of feeling like an animal in a zoo.

Blue coat: purchased in China
Yellow dress: vintage, from a flea market in Oxford, England
Blue boots: Steve Madden Carnaby heels from Zappos
Sunglasses: Oscar de la Renta from TJ Maxx
Earrings: gift from my aunt
Black belt: thrifted
Yellow ring: ScanFair
Black tights: American Apparel


  1. your coat is a real beauty - but the shopping experience does sound quite unpleasant.

  2. i'm loving all of these colors together, and i love that they each have a little story behind them! i also adore those boots!

  3. What great souvenirs you have here Stacey! I love, love, LOVE that dress! And the coat is pretty too!

  4. Hi there sweetie,found your blog on chictopia! this outfit is really awesome!! following u now.hope u can check out my blog and follow back if u like.

  5. That dress and coat are amazing, but that shopping experience sounds hard work, I can understand you wanting to move back!!

  6. Gorgeous...I absolutely love that dress, the print is amazing!

    Natasha ~

  7. This is so well put together - i adore the look

  8. Another lovely outfit. The dress is especially great. And the styling is fabulous.

    Also, you asked which thrift store I found my rose print skirt at. It was Better Bargains on Lombard. It's packed and the purses are sometimes sticky, but they have some great stuff. I got a Dior caftan on that visit too.

  9. The blue coat is absolutely stunning, very elegant <3

  10. I love how each of your pieces has a story! That dress is incredible!

  11. What incredible finds! I love pieces that have history behind them. Great ensemble, too!

  12. Oh wow, the print on that dress is amazing! Try as they might, designers just cannot capture the absolute awesomeness of original vintage prints. That blue coat is great, it works so well with the dress. I can't imagine living so far from home... I've only lived in two towns my whole life, just 5 hours apart hah.


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