Monday, February 13, 2012

Old clothes, new love

I wore this on Sunday to head out into the suburbs for a family birthday party. I'm so used to city life that it felt weird to stand in the middle of the street for photos without having to worry about cars running me over!

I've owned this dress for several years but have only worn it a few times. It's a style that doesn't look very good unless it has a layer underneath, so I can really only wear it in winter. One of my goals this year is to utilize my closet better, so I've been trying to avoid buying many new pieces and have instead been revisiting old clothes and learning to love them again. I always get on a mini high when I buy something new. It's like falling in love - you feel all fluttery and excited when you wear it for a while, and then pretty soon it just becomes normal like everything else. I used to love this dress, and then it fell to the wayside when I bought my next new piece of clothing. So here's to old clothes (I'm raising my imaginary glass) and making them into new loves again!

Dress: Sweet Jayne (local store)
Brown turtleneck: Kohl's
Blue boots: Steve Madden Carnaby heels from Zappos
Red necklace: B. Lee Designs
Gold leaf cuff bracelet: In Pink


  1. I love this dress and the way you styled is so much fun!

  2. What a great dress! I am glad that it has gotten some love as of late. The colors and patterns are just fabulous. And here! here! to appreciating the clothes that you already have. I really need to work on this . . .

  3. Such a pretty dress - a really unusual pattern! You really know what colours and styles suit you Stacey...!

    Catherine x

  4. I hate it when I buy something and then realize it doesn't really work - But I keep it anyway... glad you are finding ways to utilize it!
    Chic on the Cheap

  5. Glad you found a way to style that fun dress. Those booties are fantastic!!

  6. pretty cuff!

  7. i love this outfit! the funky dress looks great how you've styled it. i love when something comes together thats been sitting in the wardrobe for years, ive been trying to do the same thing of late :)

  8. That's a great dress, but I think it'd look great no its own though. Looks wicked with those shoes!

  9. What gorgeous earth tones. You know how to dress for your hair and skin color. Always so pretty.


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