Thursday, January 12, 2012

Carbon copy

This outfit is practically identical to one I wore back in September, except my bangs look better now and I'm wearing different jewelry. These earrings were a gift from my mom last weekend. They're crazy and awesome and exactly what my jewelry collection was missing. I suspect that people really enjoy giving me gifts, because I always react so enthusiastically - gasping, wide eyes, exclamations of "This is awesome!" Getting these earrings was no different - I'm pretty sure I looked like a kid on Christmas morning when I was opening the package they were in.

I've been trying to get more comfortable wearing outfits that don't define my waist. Just because a defined waist is flattering on me doesn't mean it should be the only style I wear. It looks odd to not see a belt cinched at my waist in this photo, but I don't hate it, and I know it's good for me to step outside of my sartorial comfort zone.

Blue sweater: Anthropologie
Blue sheer blouse: free from my aunt
Hot pink skirt: Zara
Black tights: American Apparel
Black flats: Target
Silver earrings: gift from my mom


  1. I'm always pushing for waist definition as well, but I agree that you should also be comfortable pulling off any silhouette.

  2. Whoa! Love those earrings :)

  3. TOTALLY diggin' the color of that skirt!

  4. Love the pink and blue! I'm wearing tights that colour of blue actually heh. You look amazing, even without a belt at your waist :p I think earrings that long would drive me nuts every time I leaned over.


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