Monday, January 16, 2012

Temporary insanity

The "Temporary insanity" title is referring to the last photo in this post, where I removed my jacket and blazer in 30-degree weather just to get some outfit photos. Normally I don't mind getting a little chilly taking pictures, but this was just too cold. It was supposed to be a snow day in Portland on Sunday, which is a big deal to everyone since we rarely get snow, but it was the wimpiest snow day I've ever seen. (As is evidenced by the fact that there is absolutely no snow on the ground in these photos, even though it snowed a bunch in the morning.)

A lot of people think you can't be comfortable wearing a skirt in cold weather - I know that's what I thought a few years ago - but I've found that as long as you wear two (or three!) pairs of tights, and knee-high boots instead of heels in especially cold weather, it's a very comfortable outfit choice.

Shirt: Anthropologie
Black skirt: H&M
Camel colored blazer: Forever 21
Brown coat: Marks and Spencer
Blue hat: H&M
Teal earrings: free from aunt
Black tights: Fred Meyer
Brown knee-high boots: Jessica Simpson from Macy's


  1. Agreed with you on several points. A) it is perfectly ok to wear a skirt/dress in the cold with proper layering (I also used to think you couldn't either). B) Taking outfit pictures in the freezing cold temps is insane . . . but I keep doing it also.

    I love your skirt! I have been looking for the perfect leather bubble skirt forever!

    1. Well I'm glad I'm not the only one who's insane like that :)

      I got the skirt at H&M about a month ago - I think they still have it!

  2. I love wearing dresses in the winter - paired with tights or leggings and boots or booties - always make it look chic and appropriate.
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  3. The navy/camel combination is lovely. I've been taking pictures inside for a few months now due to the weather: I can't imagine standing outside in the cold like that. XD I'm a complete temperature wimp though.

    Of course skirts in winter are doable. They are pretty much my favorite thing.

  4. You are a brave, brave woman. Sure the snow was wimpy, but it was still cold - I can't believe you took of the blazer. I admire your dedication. ;-)

  5. I live in Canada, and I haven't worn pants in about 3 years, not even in our deep winters. I just wear thick wool tights, wool leg warmers, and long thick skirts and dresses! It's so doable, especially when you consider that settler-women did it.

  6. Love the details of the top with this great skirt! Stay warm!!

  7. Your earrings are very cute!


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