Thursday, January 5, 2012

Worn but not seen

Sometimes I feel like my outfits are wasted if no one sees them. That's why I try to save my favorite outfits for the weekend, when we go out to eat or to church - that way, the maximum amount of people will see what I wear. Yes, it's vain of me - but isn't that what most people do? They get dressed for others. If I was stuck in a house by myself and never had visitors and never went anywhere, I would probably wear the same pair of jeans and t-shirt every day - but if someone were to come visit, you better believe I would get dressed up. Which begs the (rather facetious) question: If an outfit is worn and no one sees it, does it really count as an outfit? This outfit was seen, but only by Josh, a few people in the elevator of my building, and you guys. It's a shame, because I thought it was a solid attempt at pattern mixing, and I would have liked to wear it around certain family members who would have said things like, "What are you wearing?" "Oh my, you look interesting," and, "Well that's a new combination."

Striped top: H&M
Blazer: Forever 21
Pants: thrifted from Salvation Army
Sunglasses: Oscar de la Renta from TJ Maxx
Earrings: gift from my parents, from B. Lee Designs
Scarf: purchased from a street vendor in China


  1. I know just how you feel - and I also wonder if an outfit gets worn and not photographed, does it count?

    I really love this look, and I'm crazy about how you rock those leopard pants. you make them look so good and so very wearable. (which you might not think when it comes to cropped leopard print pants.)

  2. Omg I couldn't agree with more. Great minds think alike, I to feel that if you put your best outfit together it has to be seen. Honestly I don't think that's vain you just want to be complimented on how creative and stylish you are.LOL.I also wait till the weekend to wear my best outfits. You just never know. By the way love the outfit:)

  3. Jeans and a t-shirt if you are home and not seeing anyone....please, it's pajamas all the way! haha. I have the same problem, I definitely don't like to "waste" a good outfit. :)

  4. These leopard pants are killer and I love that you paired them with stripes.

    I feel the same way as you do. When I know I will be around more people, I always try to up the ante. However, sometimes that can backfire with a trying too hard outfit. However, this outfit is just a bad ass outfit. Period.

  5. Stacey Wow, you have put in words what I've been thinking myself this week. Of course,we dress "cute" so others hopefully appreciate that we took at least two minutes to put together an outfit. Because I appreciate seeing other women, especially my sister, in their cute outfits and age doesn't matter, because I'm a whole lot older than you. And as usual, you looking stunning in this outfit. I cleaned house today so my "outfit" consists of a T, sweat pants (I despise them) and flats, but I did put a cute brooch on...hope that counts. Kathy H

  6. When the weather was nicer, I used to use the grocery store as an excuse to get dressed up. But now I just break out all the impractical stuff when I'm home alone. See-through pink floral dress? Home-wear! I really love these patterns together. Those pants are ah-mazing!


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