Friday, January 13, 2012

Crazy is a relative term

Last night Josh and I hung out with some friends, and when I walked in the door one of them looked at this outfit and said, "I was hoping you'd be wearing something really crazy!" Apparently I am now known among my family and friends as The Girl With the Crazy Clothes, all thanks to this blog. What's funny is that if you had shown this outfit to me ten years ago, I would have thought it was wild. Pink and tan stripes! Leopard print hat! Four inch wedge boots! And now it seems pretty normal. It's funny what ten years and a little bit of fashion blogging can do to a person's perspective on style.

This hat may look like the $180 leopard print fedora that J. Crew carried a few months ago, but it's actually from the Albertus Swanepoel for Target line, and I got it on clearance last week for only $13. Yes, J. Crew really was charging that much for a hat, and even though I loved the look of it, I have firmly decided that I will never in my life spend that much money on a hat. So I was delighted to discover a much much much cheaper version at Target (thanks to Lydia, who wears it so well!), and when I was at Target last week I finally purchased it.

Striped sweater: H&M
Pink blouse (under sweater): ModCloth
Jeans: Levi's from Urban Outfitters
Beige wedge boots: Urban Outfitters
Leopard print hat: Albertus Swanepoel for Target
Sunglasses: Oscar de la Renta from TJ Maxx
Brown earrings: church craft fair
Pink necklace: Legacy Emanuel Hospital gift shop
Pink bracelets: In Pink


  1. Sweet sweater, and the stone necklace looks great with it. Love the hat, too.

  2. Ok between you and Lydia, I might have to cave and get this hat. I totally agree with you on two counts. One-I will NEVER spend that much on a hat and two, blogging does do things for what you wear and how people perceive you. You are almost obligated to wear things that others wouldn't think of AND you are challenged to, pardon the Tim Gunn reference but, "make it work". And you do a lovely job of that here.

  3. Great hat! And I couldn't imagine paying the astronomical price J Crew was charging. Your outfit is fabulous and I love that your friends and family are noticing your incredible style. Keep it up. You are an inspiration!

  4. Hey Stacey! I saw your feature on Gracey's blog on orange and decided to check you out! Love this outfit! Especially that hat! I'll admit I originally wanted the j crew one but found it too expensive also. This version (and price tag) is even better! Maybe you can check my blog out sometime too!



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