Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cozy winter outfit

Saturday morning was full of errands, which is unusual for us. I definitely did not want to be running around on a dreary, cold, rainy morning in heels or a skirt, so I stuck with a simple, cozy winter outfit. I've seen other bloggers wear socks over their jeans, and even though it's a look I never would have thought of on my own, I think it's cute, and it definitely kept me warm. Continuing with my determination to try out styles that don't define my waist (like here and here), I decided to wear this shapeless blob of a sweater that is not in the least flattering, but is cozy and comfy. Some days I just want to feel comfortable instead of look as slim as possible, even if that means I look like I'm trying to disguise a pregnant belly under my sweater. (I'm not.)

I was on the fence about whether or not to post this outfit because it's so casual, but it was raining too hard yesterday to take different photos. How do you guys feel about fashion bloggers posting super casual outfits? I like it as long as it's only done once in a while - if all someone posts every day is jeans and a t-shirt, I'm going to lose interest quickly.

And yes, this is the third consecutive post in which I've worn this hat. I think it needs to be retired. Or else I just need to buy a different stocking cap.

White sweater: thrifted from Goodwill
Black turtleneck: Old Navy
Brown jacket: Marks and Spencer
Blue hat: H&M
Spider necklace: Bauble Bar
Jeans: Levi's from Urban Outfitters
Socks: Fred Meyer
Brown boots: Ether (on NW 23rd in Portland)


  1. I agree, whenever it's gross and raining I only want to wear jeans!
    the socks over jeans are really cute!

  2. Honestly, I really dig casual outfits and this is one of my favorite outfit posts of yours. Love the coat, love the sweater, the boots and the socks-over-jeans. You look warm, comfy, and totally cute.

    1. Thanks Jen! As much as I love to get dressed up and wear crazy heels and things, I really feel much more comfortable in outfits like these :)

  3. I love the posting of casual outfits! Especially in the winter. It is unrealistic to think that every girl (fashionable or not) can wear all skirts and dress in the cold. Love this and I will def have to try the socks over the jeans. It looks so cozy!

  4. As long as the casual outfit has some evidence of your personal style (as this one certainly does) I always appreciate the additional inspiration. Especially since I live in the North East, I need lots of warm cozy inspiration at this time of year! I love that sweater on you and it doesn't look like you're sneaking a baby around, don't worry!

  5. I like casual outfits, they're realistic. I want to see what someone actually wears, you know? And we're not always dressed like beauty queens.

  6. Love that hat on you! And those boots are so cute!

  7. I really love your bangs peaking out!! so cute!!

    love K

  8. so cozy and chic..super cute! x

  9. Wonderful to see more down-to-Earth dressing! I work out 3 days a week so never really get "dressed" on those days so it's nice to see that even someone as gorgeous and stylish as you can dress down...and still make it cute and you...LOVE IT!


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