Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bright stripes

I love stripes and I love obnoxiously bright colors, so this shirt was pretty much made for me. I got it from StyleMint*, which is a relatively new online store that sells t-shirts designed by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. I'm sure those of you who are my fellow fashion bloggers already know about it, but for those of you who don't, here's a quick rundown: They offer a new selection of shirts every month that you can choose from, but as far as I can tell they also keep a lot of the old shirts around for several months at a time. Each shirt costs $29.99 (though they're always emailing me coupon codes for 10-25% off, so I'm not sure you'd ever have to pay that much), and they have a few things like cardigans that cost a bit more. I really love that they provide such a wide variety of t-shirts that are both functional and trendy, but what I don't like is that after you make your first purchase, your credit card is charged every month for $29.99, and they give you one "credit" on your account to use towards any shirt. You can opt out of that charge, but only if you do it within the first five days of the month. They send you an email reminder about opting out - but I don't love the idea of, say, being on vacation and having my credit card charged just because I didn't check my email for a few days. Still, I love the striped shirt I got, and they have enough interesting styles that I think I'll continue to be a member and just opt out of purchasing on the months that I don't want (or more importantly, need) a new shirt.

*If you sign up via that link, I will get credit for it - which of course I would love! But I just thought you should know :)

Striped shirt: Venice from StyleMint
Skirt: H&M
Jacket: gift from my aunt, from Macy's
Necklace and tights: Forever 21
Bracelets: H&M and In Pink
Shoes: Lulu's


  1. I LOVE how you paired that top with this skirt...looks awesome!

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. Just the most gorgeous colours on you Stacey... can't believe how beautifully bright they look against the black! Great coat too!

    Catherine x

  3. That skirt is so bright and amazing-- I just loooove it! I bet you have fun thinking of combinations with it. I actually stepped out of my comfort zone and bought some bright blue skinny jeans today so hopefully I'll be able to have fun with those soon, haha!

    You look lovely and your photos are simply marvelous!

  4. If the monthly charge is an automatic $29.99, how would you use coupon codes?

  5. thoroughlyME: You can opt out of the monthly charge, but you can still buy shirts at any time during the month, and that's when you use any coupon code you might have. It's a bit confusing!

  6. Great outfit, I love obnoxious colours too. That super bright pink skirt is stellar.


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