Monday, January 7, 2013

No bun in my oven

This is a maternity dress, but I'm not pregnant. There's no real distinct line separating normal clothes from maternity clothes at Target, so one day I wandered into the maternity section, picked up this dress because it was cute, and didn't realize until I was wearing it in the fitting room that it was maternity. I don't mind too much. The stretchy panel at the waist is nice for those days when I eat just a bit too much :)

And because it was too ridiculous not to share, here is what happened right before we took the first photo in this post...

Dress: Target
Turtleneck: Old Navy
Boots: Steve Madden from Zappos
Coat: purchased in China
Hat: gift from my aunt
Bracelet: In Pink


  1. I wish you all the best for the new year. It's a great dress maternity or not and looks more polished with the blue (great blue) coat on top. Hugs,Angie.

  2. Haha, I know what you mean, so many of those maternity pieces look like they could be fine for anyone!

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. OMGosh I always thought I was a moron for not being able to distinguish maternity from regular at Target! They should really define that better. At any rate, I love this dress on you Stacey and the boots are awesome!

  4. I always see cute stuff in the maternity section at Target; sometimes cuter than the non-maternity. I love that you just bought it anyway.

    I have a vintage dress that I think is maternity and I didn't realize it until AFTER I took my photos in it. And it is very obviously maternity in the photos.

  5. I am so glad that someone admitted to greatly admiring Target maternity wear. I get so annoyed when the line between lines blurs in women's clothing, I see something I really want, and it's supposed to be for pregnant women. That dress is lovely!

    Practical Paralegalism Career Dressing,

  6. What a pretty dress! And when you do get pregnant, you will already have a maternity dress. I think now days because of the stretch fabric, most non-maternity clothes can be worn by non-preggers and vice versa.

    Really loving you boots!


  7. Too funny! It's a great dress, and I love your blue coat and boots with it.

  8. Love the outtake photo! And I have some maternity pieces from when I was pregnant that I still wear because they fit great and look great on. No one can see the label, if it's cute, it's cute. And that dress on you is cute!

  9. I'm glad you admitted this. I always accidentally wander into the maternity department at Target and then put the cute stuff back because I'm not pregnant. Maybe I'll grab something the next time I'm there. After all, when I WAS pregnant, I often wore stretchy shirts from Anthropologie that I already had in my closet. Why not?

  10. Ha ha! That's hilarious but hey, it really doesn't matter. That's a super pretty print. I did that with a pair of stretchy yoga pants and I love them.

  11. Ha! I am forever wandering into the maternity department and then going "Oooooh!" when I figure it out. : )

  12. Love your outfit! I do the same at Target and have actually bought a few maternity dresses at Old Navy. If I go one size smaller than my usual, they seem to fit fine and no one sees the maternity label except me. :)


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