Monday, January 28, 2013


I guess I was just kidding about being back from my blog break, because I decided to take another week off. It's just so darn hard to care about what I wear when it's this cold outside. (For reference, "cold" to me is 30-40 degrees. I realize that many of you have to regularly deal with temperatures below zero, but I don't, so 30 degrees is pretty shocking.) When I wore this outfit yesterday to church and lunch, I was so cold I kept the coat on the whole time. At least my outfit looked kind of cute with the coat layered on top.

Sweater: Gap
Coat: Marks and Spencer
Skirt: vintage Pendleton, from an antiques show
Boots: DV by Dolce Vita from Piperlime
Necklace: Evidence Jewelry, won in a giveaway


  1. I hate when I have to keep my coat on at church. I think gosh I could've just wore my pjs under there instead of taking time to get dressed and no one would ever know! :o) However; your outfit did look nice with your pretty skirt flowing out from under your coat!

  2. Yes, blogging is such a chore when the temps drop! My husband continually ridicules me for taking pictures outdoors when it is so cold. I love this cozy look though! The plaid skirt and blue sweater work very well together and you always add a fun accessory to spruce things up :)

  3. 30° and raining is definitely as unpleasant (more unpleasant?) as 18° and sunny.

    love the maxi, looks like and warm!
    Chic on the Cheap

  4. I'm so happy to see your face! And I'm glad you braved the ridiculously, stupidly cold weather to post this look. Stay warm!

  5. Hey, cold for me is anything below 50, so you have my full sympathy. And the outfit looks cute with the coat off too!

  6. oh gosh, i just love this look! this skirt is so wonderful.. now i am thinking i would love to try and pull it off?! i always feel a tad awkward when i wear long skirts, i wish i could get over it! anyways, lovely outfit dear!

    lindsey louise


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