Monday, July 11, 2011

Thrifting around Portland

Three times a year there's an antiques and collectibles show that comes to the Expo Center in North Portland. My parents, who are antique fanatics, always have a booth there, and I always get in for free because of that. The show was this past weekend, and I stopped by on Friday afternoon. I usually help them set up their booth for a few hours, and then spend a few hours wandering around and looking at the hundreds of different booths full of fun vintage signs, jewelry, clothing, knick-knacks, and furniture. I, of course, am always drawn to the clothing booths! Some of the booths sell true vintage clothing, and while that's fun to look at, I never buy it because it's out of my price range. But other booths sell things that are maybe vintage, or are maybe just knockoffs that are only ten years old, and that's what I go for! Those are usually the booths with the best prices, though you generally have to dig through piles of clothes to get to the gems. I set myself a budget of $40 for this show, and only ended up spending $32. (You may now applaud.) Here's what I got:

Green purse (pictured above): $10

Beige sweater: $7

Black dress with sequined bodice: $10 (why yes, I do like me some bling)

White cropped blouse: $5

I'm especially excited to wear the white blouse with my new (thrifted) chambray skirt that I got at Rerun a few weeks ago:

I had been wanting this chambray skirt from ModCloth, but at $50 it was more than I wanted to pay. Then I came across the $5 chambray skirt at Rerun, and snatched it right up! The two skirts don't really look alike, but I wasn't going for an exact replica, I just wanted some denim.

Do any of you like to go thrifting/antique show shopping?


  1. I don't go thrifting as often as I would like...but I definitely have my favorite shops!

  2. Awesome finds! Love the skirt especially, I have a chambray skirt and it just seems to go with everything!

    Shopping and Spreadsheets

  3. Good finds! I especially love that purse!


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