Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Third time's a charm

We tried to take outfit pictures at lunch while I was wearing a different outfit, but the sun was too bright. We tried to take outfit photos again with this outfit before dinner, after driving up to the Rose Garden, but the camera battery died. Finally, after I had a bit of a temper tantrum, we took these pictures on the roof, and I freaking love them. Obviously, the third time was the charm. To quote Winston Churchill: "Never give up." I may not be able to achieve something epic like winning World War II, but at least I can take some good outfit photos.

Blouse: thrifted from House of Vintage
Shorts: Ann Taylor Loft
Platform sandals: thrifted from House of Vintage
Purse: thrifted from The Dig
Bracelets: H&M (gold bangles) and gifts (brown bracelets)


  1. glad you managed to get the photos you wanted - why must some days it be such a trial?? They did come out well, and i love those wedges so much!

  2. Glad you got some in the end! They are great photos and a lovely outfit. x

  3. Great look. I adore this blouse!

  4. Big fan of the shirt! Five gold stars!!! :)

  5. It's brutal trying to combat the sun when taking pics! Love those shorts!


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