Wednesday, July 6, 2011

You again - Remix #24

Yes, it's this skirt again. And yes, I'm colorblocking again. It's definitely a trend that's going to stick with me long after it dies out in popular fashion. My outfit was inspired by this amazing outfit on Chictopia. Fortunately both of these pieces were in my 30 for 30. I wore this outfit to the mall yesterday to pick up Jessica's new book (which is fantastic! A great addition to my book collection), and I got so many compliments on how fun and bright it was. I added some blue accents (earrings, bracelets, nail polish) to cool down the citrus hues of the rest of the outfit. I wish I had some blue sunglasses that I could have thrown on as well :)

You guys, I'm so tired of the 30 for 30. My clothing choices seemed great when I started, but now they just seem stale, and I hope you're not bored of seeing the same clothes over and over again. I know I am. I crammed a second outfit into Monday that I didn't photograph - jeans and a tank top for firework-watching on our roof. I have a feeling that there may be a few days this week where I wear more than one outfit just to get this thing over with.

Top: Gap
Skirt: Zara
Sandals: Target
Belt: free from aunt
Earrings and 1 bracelet: B. Lee Designs
Other bracelet: Charlotte Russe

I love this outtake; Josh was having a lot of fun with shadows while taking photos!


  1. Darling, you look gorgeous and you're certainly not boring me with this remix. I love these bright colors on you, especially the bright blue bracelet. keep the great outfits coming!

  2. I love the citrusiness of this! And with the blue! And now I know why you are jealous of my blue shades....I would share if I could! =)

    Julie Del @ J.Bird

  3. Awesome colorblocking! Even down to the turquoise bracelet! Lovely styling :) Follow each other?

  4. I love the vibrant colors of this outfit! Those shadows bring be back to days of shadow puppets on the classroom walls using the projectors. :D

  5. Thank you for all the sweet comments, everyone!

  6. I think this outfit is so fun and colorful, I love it! And if you are sick of the 30, then why not trade out some pieces? You make the rules, right?

    Chic on the Cheap


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