Friday, March 16, 2012

Simple outfit

I loved this outfit so much, and I'm a little sad that these photos didn't capture just how cute it felt to me. It was fairly simple, and I think that's why I liked it so much, because I very rarely wear simple outfits.

I'm really looking forward to the weekend. I've been sick all week, so I can't wait to lounge around tomorrow and maybe watch an entire season of Scrubs (I just started watching it on Netflix - it's hilarious) and drink a few pots of tea. Weekends are usually when I cram in all my social activities, but sometimes it's nice just to spend a Saturday doing absolutely nothing.

Beige sweater: thrifted
Denim skirt: Gap
Red trench coat: Calvin Klein from Costco
Black tights: American Apparel
Black flats: Kathy flats from ShoeMint
Leopard print hat: Albertus Swanepoel for Target
Gold necklace: Evidence Jewelry, won in a giveaway
Gold watch: free from a family member


  1. OMG Scrubs is one of my FAVORITE shows ever. I own almost every season. I love the dynamic between J.D. and Turk. J.D. is hilarious. "Is that a unicorn?" "No, it's a horse with a sword (to guard my hopes and dreams)" LMAO And this outfit is super simple but super-er cute! I hate when I can't quite capture an outfit that I loved in photos. Boo! But these photos look great to me!

    1. I've only watched six episodes so far, but I love it! I'm excited that I have nine seasons to look forward to!

  2. Well I think it's still a pretty cute outfit, and i love your red coat.
    I hope you have a nice restful weekend.

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. I love this outfit. Loose and cropped over a full skirt is one of my favorite silhouettes even if I rarely pull it off well. But, you've done a great job here.

    I didn't realize you were sick too. I hope you feel better!

    1. It's a silhouette that I don't think I've tried before, but I liked it! I think the fact that the sweater was cropped gave the outfit enough waist definition, which I definitely need with my curves.


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