Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I'm mildly amused by how high I'm holding my chin in this picture - maybe I just felt proud to have my photo taken?

I had jury duty on Tuesday. I didn't wear this outfit - I wore jeans and a sweatshirt instead because, well, I just didn't care enough to look nice. When you know you're probably going to have to sit in a room reading a book for eight hours and then have to walk a mile home, looking nice is probably not going to be high on your list of priorities. I got released at noon, though, and then came home and got all fancified for myself and Josh. I know some women hate it when they hear others say they got dressed up for their husband coming home from work, but you know what? Half the time Josh sees me I'm wearing sweatpants, and honestly I just want to give him something a little more appealing to look at every now and then. Maybe that's un-feminist of me, but I'm okay with that.

The last time I wore this skirt was in July (here). I got burned out by wearing it so much during my (failed) 30 for 30 challenge back in June, and gave up wearing it for seven months because I was just sick of seeing it. But I had a craving to wear it yesterday (some people crave food, I just crave clothes), so I mixed it with a bright shirt (also worn here) in an attempt to beat the gray sky blahs.

Pink blouse: free from aunt
Black cardigan: free from a friend of my aunt
Purple paisley skirt: thrifted from Rerun
Sunglasses: Oscar de la Renta from TJ Maxx
Pink earrings: Simply Jo Designs
Hat pin: not sure
Gold leaf cuff bracelet: In Pink
Black wedges: Lulu's


  1. This so lovely! That skirt is so beautiful!

    1. Thanks! Even though I haven't worn it in ages, this skirt is one of my favorites. It's such a classic style and print that I think I'll be able to wear it for decades.

  2. Great post, the skirt is really amazing and looks very well with your shirt !!

    I agree with you about dressing up for your husband or boyfriend, but I would extend it to your everyday life : you often feels more feminine when you're well dressed and it's more agreable to see beautiful people in the streets !!
    But I'm doing engineering studies so I understand what you mean by days you don't care enough to look nice. :-)


    1. I agree - I just feel better about myself when I dress up a little, and I know it always makes me smile to see a girl on the street wearing a pretty dress or fun heels.

  3. I totally think that it is perfectly fine to dress up for your mans once in a while. I mean, you're right, they see us at our "worst"--for me a t-shirt, Adidas pants and slippers with no makeup--so why not dress up for them? I personally love the skirt! Such a pretty pattern and pretty colors! I also think that baseball cap broach is adorable!

    1. I know, the brooch is so fun! I rediscovered it while going through my old dresser at my parents' house a few weeks ago - I love getting "free" jewelry like that!

  4. Really like the sweet pink you're wearing. Fits you really well!
    Check out my blog if you'd like :)

    The Style Visitor

  5. I love brights with brights and this is great! You should be proud. ;-)

  6. You are looking gorgeous and outfit's color combination is fantastic. Loved your outfit and floral skirt!


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