Monday, October 24, 2011

Black and white and autumn

Autumn is in full force here in Portland, and I am loving it! Everywhere I go I see trees on fire with brilliantly colored leaves. Spring is a time of lovely awakening, summer is full of lazy beauty - but autumn is when the world really comes alive.

This outfit started with the boots. Whenever I get something new I wear it to death for a while, and since I just got these boots last week, you'll be seeing them a lot for the next few weeks. So I knew I wanted to wear the boots, and I also started eyeing my new (used, fake) leather jacket. Since both of those are edgier pieces, I decided to go with something more ladylike for the rest of the outfit to get some contrast, so I went with my houndstooth skirt and my favorite oversized button-up.

Jacket: Forever 21 brand, from Jen's closet sale
Shirt: free from my dad
Skirt: Anthropologie
Boots: Lulu's
Necklaces: Forever 21 and Dress Barn
Belt: came with a dress
Ring: Scan Fair


  1. wow, check out those leaves! are they real, or photoshopped? ;)

    I love the new boots, and am very guilty of doing the same thing, when i get something new that I love i have to wear it to death!

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. That jacket is simply fabulous!

  3. Very classy look Stacey - such a great jacket and I'm loving the B&W!! (You really rock those boots btw)

    Catherine x

  4. LOVE Your jacket! I am looking for something similar! This is a great oufit!

    xoxo Denise

  5. Love the edge that your boots and jacket give, while the skirt gives off class. My favorite photo is the one at the bottom! Omg so cute with the throwing of leaves :D You have such a warm smile I wanna smile back :)

  6. Absolutely stunning photos- I love the one with you throwing the leaves in the air! I really love your outfit (I have a similar skirt- great for fall!) and your amber ring is so pretty!

  7. Loving the jacket and loving the houndstooth!

  8. I am in love with the outfit and these photos!


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