Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Transitioning a summer dress to fall

If you guys are anything like me, you hate to put away your summer clothes when the weather gets cooler. (Which it just started to do the last week or so! Goodbye bare legs, hello tights.) While I can't bring back the hot weather (I call dibs on that superpower if it's ever available!), I can give you a roundup of different ways you can transition a lightweight summer dress into fall. (If you haven't already put your summer dresses away for the year. If you have, dig them out! There's still life left in them!) The dress above is one I got at Target over the summer (and I think quite a few of you have it, too!), and it's such a pretty, happy dress that I couldn't bear to put it away once summer ended.

 1. Wear it as a top.

If you put a cardigan over your dress and tuck it into a skirt, it just looks like a top. I got the idea from this outfit.(Maybe wear some tights, though - I was freezing when I took these pictures!)


2. Add layers with a cardigan, tights, and boots.

This is the most basic way to wear it, but I stayed really warm in this outfit, and with a scarf (and maybe a thicker cardigan) I think I could wear this look in winter.


3. Layer a lace skirt, slip or tulle petticoat underneath.

I love the romantic feeling that this gave to the dress (though I think I would have liked it better if it was a blue lace skirt), but I especially love that it made this dress super warm.


4. Wear it as a skirt.

Put a shirt or sweater over the dress, and tuck the bottom of the top inside itself and belt it - it'll look like you're wearing a top tucked into a skirt. This will definitely add some extra bulk to your midsection, so I'd suggest wearing this look only if you have a jacket over it.


Of course, there are seemingly endless possibilities here - you can used different colored skirts to layer on top or underneath, different sweaters and cardigans, pattern mixing, etc. Do any of you have suggestions on how to make a summer dress work for fall?


  1. humm, well I think you've pretty much covered them all - but I'm still not ready for fall!
    I want bare legs and sandals all year!
    I'm starting to get really cold... but I stand by my fall denial choices.

  2. What amazing ideas on ways to keep your summer dresses sizzling into the fall season! I love all your looks and thank you for all the great ideas! I love summer-it's my favorite. I hate to be cold and if you find the availability on that super power, holler at your girl would ya?

  3. Stacey - you are a genius!! I love all the looks but I think the idea of putting a lace skirt or similar underneath is amazing... it gives it a totally unique look (and different skirt length)!

    Catherine x

  4. I love my dresses, I don't have many in such vibrant patterns, but I do love to transition them!
    Love how you did it, great work Stace!

  5. I definitely like the third outfit with a lace skirt underneath the dress. Last week, I experimented on layering a short floral dress with a skirt underneath to add length. I did not like the whole outfit that's why I did not take pictures but now you gave me a new idea on how to do it with style. Thanks, Stacey!


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