Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Welcome to the Halloween edition of the outfit post! We had a costume party on Saturday with some of Josh's family, and boy did we have fun taking photos on the roof! Because I don't want to force a post with 16 photos on you (just be happy I cut it down from 250!), I'll give you my outfit/costume photos, and then you can click on "Read more" if you want to see any others!

And in case you couldn't figure it out, I was Abby Sciuto from NCIS.

Dress: from a garage sale
Lab coat: from the antiques show at the Expo Center
Shoes: Lulu's
Necklace: Bauble Bar

(My mother-in-law, who dressed up as...her husband. Cracks me up.)

(My favorite photo of the bunch!)


  1. This is so cool! Love your outfit. You pull off Abby very well :) Happy Halloween

  2. Happy Halloween! You looked adorable!

  3. Cute! Love your MIL's outfit! LOL. Have a great halloween!

  4. These are awesome! You guys look amazing and so fun. I don't watch NICS but that's a great costume.

  5. AH! I love that you were Abby for Halloween. I got hooked on that show a while ago, and had forgotten how much I loved it until just now. I love all the costumes! They're so fun!


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