Thursday, October 20, 2011


I wore this on Sunday evening when Josh and I drove out to Costco for dinner. Yes, we really are that cool lame. We made a special trip to Costco just to eat their polish dogs. And I got all dressed up for it. (That must be why everyone at Costco stared at me. That, and we only bought one thing, which is apparently a horrendous thing to do when you're at Costco.)

Dress: thrifted from the antiques show at the Expo Center
Jacket: thrifted from Rerun
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Hat: Asos
Necklace and purse: thrifted from Red, White and Blue Thrift Store
Belt: thrifted from Goodwill


  1. Well I think you look fabulous. Though I personally hate going to costco. for anything.
    I wont mind if someone else is going and wants to buy me one of those huge bags of chocolate chips though...

  2. I love your blog! You've got such great style :)

    <3 from San Francisco


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