Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pink, blue and green

I wore this outfit on Friday to go out to lunch with Josh and his coworkers. It was a perfect outfit for the hot weather we've been having here lately - and by hot I mean like 85 degrees. So not actually that hot, except by Oregon standards.

Blue and green top: Anthropologie
Gray cardigan: Gap
Pink shorts: Loft
Gold sandals: Asos
Silver hoop earrings: free from my aunt
Both bracelets: H&M


  1. Such a cute outfit Stacey! I love the shorts and am still bummed out that I did't get the cute pink shorts I spotted at the Jcrew sale racks a month ago :( x

  2. ohh what a pretty anthro top! love the neckline and the colors!

  3. We've had weather in the mid-80's too and it has been AMAZING to be out of the 90's. Love this casual look Stacey!

  4. What a pretty top - I bet it goes with everything!

  5. Stacey you are the queen of cute shorts and pretty tops in the summer! The colours are sooo gorgeous, you're a picture of summer loveliness sweetie :))

    I've given Gray Skies a shout out today as a blog with great photography on my photo tips Friday post... and your photos here and the last few posts have demonstrated what I was prattling on about perfectly (it's about lighting), thank you so much!

    Have a great weekend hun

    Catherine x


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