Thursday, May 10, 2012


There are very few items of clothing I love more than a dress with pockets. I can throw my keys and phone in there and go on a walk without the hassle of carrying a purse. In the evenings after work Josh and I like to go on walks around our pretty neighborhood, where more often than not we end up stopping at Starbucks to get a caffeinated drink that will keep me awake well past midnight. (And then I need caffeine in the morning to get me going's a vicious cycle.)

Sorry I haven't been stopping by any of your blogs to say hi lately! I spent too much time on the computer recently, and now get headaches whenever I'm on it for more than twenty minutes, so commenting on other blogs will have to wait. I really do appreciate the blog friendships I've struck up with some of you wonderful ladies, though!

Yellow dress: Anthropologie
Jean jacket: thrifted from Rerun
Brown scalloped hat: Asos
Brown heels: Macy's


  1. Pockets and yellow!! What a great dress! Sorry about the headaches :(

  2. LOVE this yellow, Stacey... plus the dress has some gorgeous detailing!! And I hope the headaches get better - and don't feel bad about not visiting everyone else, we all need a break now and then! (Though I am having a giveaway if you wanted to enter...?!)

    Enter my ReVintage Jewellery Giveaway!

    Catherine x

  3. Take your time lady and fuhget about it! Enjoy your walks and Starbucks (I thought I was the only one that did that to myself . . . woof). Love this dress and I cannot agree more--a dress with pockets (or a skirt with pockets) rocks the cashbah. There. I said it.

  4. That dress is gorgeous, and such a pretty colour! I really enjoy pockets on dresses too but I too often try to stuff them with more than they can reasonably hold and them my dress is wonky haha...

  5. that shade of yellow is just so PRETTY! and seriously, pocketed dresses are the best.


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