Wednesday, September 7, 2011

No models here

Over the past few months of having a fashion blog, I've noticed a tendency of mine to be hyper-critical of the way I look in photos. About half the time that I look at my pictures after our photo shoot I say things like, "Ugh, my thighs look huge," or, "My smile looks weird," or my perennial favorite, "Why are my teeth so gigantic?" (They are, though. After he first met me, Josh's sister asked him what he thought of me. His response? "She has really big teeth." I forgave him eventually.)

Anyway, when I started looking at these photos for this post, there was a whole long list of things I didn't like about them. Then I came to an important realization: I am not a model. I have this realization about once a month, so it's nothing new, but it helps to keep me grounded. First of all, I don't weigh 110 pounds and stand as tall as my husband. I weigh a considerable amount more than that, and I have to wear 6-inch heels to be as tall as Josh. Second, I'm not in a studio with perfect lighting and makeup. Third, I'm not airbrushed. Finally - and I suspect that most of you are like me in this respect - my favorite fashion blogs are the ones where the girls running them look pretty normal. I find it intimidating when fashion bloggers look too perfect all the time. Do any of you struggle with this desire to look perfect in your pictures? Please tell me I'm not the only one who obsesses over it!

All that to say - I don't look perfect in these pictures, and I'm mostly okay with that :)

Top: thrifted, sleeves shortened by me
Shorts: Gap jeans, cut into shorts
Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft
Necklace: free from my mom
Bracelets: Charlotte Russe


  1. Hey hun!! I am the same way and I think it is normal!!! I am not always happy with my pictures or with my weight when I compare myself to others! I think we are all unique and that is what makes us beautiful! Thanks for sharing your feelings and know that you are not the only one that thinks about these things!!! :)

    I love your plaid top w/ the shorts. Your thighs don't look big AT ALL :) You look great and I love your unique style!

    xoxo Denise

  2. I often feel the same way too - like I did about my most recent blog post. The shirt looks really big when it really wasn't...but that's okay :-). I think you look gooooorgeous, darling.

  3. NO WAY! Big thighs on girls are sexy! Anyway, your thighs look normal standing up. There's skinny, normal, then huge. You fall in the middle. When you sit down I'm sure they're huge because all the muscles and fat are being pushed out that's with anybody though!

  4. First of all, You like so cute in that shirt and the shoes are perfect.

    Secondly, you have great legs(meaning that they are longer, smoother and more scar free then mine) so show them off!

    Thirdly, You know your body and how to style your clothes for a polished, attractive look I might be able to copy. When I check out your fashion for the day I think, " Wow, I love It! If I run a few extra miles today Kris's dress shirt might look that good on me." When I see a 6'model wearing a scrap of cloth without even a bra, I want to eat a brownie and sulk.

    Last of all, The over all quality of your photography has improved in every way since you started this blog and is getting better all the time. Your average is comfortable, fun, everyday perfection that inspires me.

  5. Oh my goodness - everything you said rings absolutely true with me. I look at my blog photos straight away in the camera preview and am always overly critical (I have a very patient photographer/husband): I pick holes in everything from my forearms being too long to thinking my toes look weird. But thank you for saying "I am not a model" - that is now what I remind myself every time.

    As a slightly older blogger I also have the inevitable crows feet and jowels to contend with (I don't know how old you are but I'm sure you're a lot younger than me!), but I'm learning very fast how to make the most of what I've got and how to flatter myself with the best type of light and angles. I don't see anything wrong in doing your best to look as good as possible?!

    I once read that Linda Evangelista was told she had a "weak chin" and had to work hard to ensure she posed in just the right way to avoid it showing... goes to prove even supermodels have these problems too. Keep up the brilliant posts - I think you look fabulous, you really do!

    C xoxo

  6. I just started your blog (love it!) and only thought about your teeth until you said something. And I still don't think there big. But everyone has those. For me, the cartilage in my nose is bent. My nose isn't slanted, but the bottom is a little uneven. When I confessed my insecurity to my friends, they didn't believe me at first and I had a hard time showing them what I felt was so obvious.

    Concerning your legs, no they are not fat. They look smooth, healthy and skinny. Your very well proportioned.

    Keep up the awesome outfits!


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