Thursday, September 1, 2011


This outfit started with the skirt, which was a recent thrift store find. (For a dollar. Score!) At that point I really got stuck, and couldn't think of anything to go with it. Then, sticking out of a pile of clothes at the bottom of my closet, I saw this gray sweater. Things just took off from there, as I decided to play with a monochromatic textured look. I love the contrast between all the shades of gray and the textures in this outfit: the pale gray and quiet pattern of the skirt; the cozy, knitted texture of the darker gray sweater; the slight sheen of the rich gray tights; the woven texture of the belt; the felted bracelet; the snazzy men's hat.

When I finished putting it all together and looked at myself in the mirror, I said, "Wow, I never wear monochromatic outfits." Then I realized that's not true. I wear hot pink monochromatic outfits (like here), but I never wear monochromatic neutrals. I feel like calm, neutral colors better embody the spirit of monochrome, and I rather liked the way this looked and felt.

Sweater: free from aunt
Skirt: thrifted from William Temple House
Tights: Target
Shoes: Sam Edelman from Piperlime
Hat: Fred Meyer
Belt: Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses: Oscar de la Renta from TJ Maxx
Necklace: souvenir from a trip to Hawaii
Bracelet: gift from husband, from Kanelstrand


  1. I LOVE those shoes. They are darling. Great monochrome look!


  2. I just wore my necklace yesterday!! Can't believe it's been almost 10 years sence we went!! It was fun times.

  3. I'm a newbie to your blog!

    This look is great on you! So many things, like this hat or green tights, I would think I couldn't pull off but I really love how you've styled everything! Real classt ;)

    alissa b


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