Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Burgundy, pink

So my cardigan and my pants don't match - let's just get that out in the open now. They looked great together when tried on in my dimly-lit bedroom on an overcast afternoon, but once I got outside I realized that next to the burgundy and pink in the cardigan, the pants looked a lot more orange than I had previously thought. I don't, however, think they look too horrible together. There's something about the combo that almost works - but then again, there's something about the combo that's kind of "off." But I'm determined to share both my hits and my misses with you guys, so take from this outfit what you will. (And maybe what you take from it will be: "Don't ever wear an outfit like this." And that's okay.)

Turtleneck: Old Navy
Cardigan: free from a friend of my aunt
Pants: Anthropologie
Shoes: Crossroads Trading Co.
Scarf: Fred Meyer
Earrings: church craft sale
Necklace: Bauble Bar
Belt: thrifted


  1. I dont know why you would want your cardigan to match your pants anyway - its not like wearing two different shades of black!

    love that bag too!

  2. I agree with Lyddie. This look is great!

  3. I'm glad you ladies like it! My husband said it looked good, but I thought maybe he was just saying that to be nice, so I didn't believe him :)

  4. It would seem that what you deem a none match seem like bang on perfect color combo to me! Super cute!

  5. If Lyddie thinks this looks good, then it is fabulous and I also think this looks great together. Kathy H

  6. I really like it too! I can kind of see how you would say it is "off," but I think the different colors harmonize together beautifully :)


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