Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Repeat offender

I wore this outfit on Sunday to a baby shower, but forgot that it was going to get dark earlier due to Daylight Savings Time, and when my mom snapped photos of it they didn't really turn out. So I just wore it again on Monday so I could get better photos. I know there are people who think it's really gross to wear the same thing two days in a row, but it doesn't bug me much. A few years back I lived in China, and my students and the other teachers at my school would wear the exact same thing for five days in a row. If everyone does it you get used to it, and it stops being weird as long as you make sure to shower, put on deodorant and change your undergarments every day. That being said, I would pretty much never wear the same outfit two days in a row in America, unless it was a totally awesome outfit and I knew I wasn't going to see the same people on both days. How do you guys feel about this? Is it a big "no" to be a repeat outfit offender, or are you okay with it?

(PS - Did you guys notice my hair color?! When I dye my hair it never turns out to look exactly like the color on the box - but this time it did! And it's intense. Also, apparently my hair is so thick and long that one box of dye doesn't cut it anymore. I need to pick up another box to finish dyeing the ends!)

Sweater: Target
Jacket: Forever 21 brand, from Jen Loves Kev's closet sale
Scarf: Fred Meyer
Necklace: Dress Barn
Shoes: Sam Edelman from Nordstrom Rack


  1. I absolutely adore this outfit. And I love the pants in your previous post as well. Head over heels for your style :)

  2. Those cords are perfection!

  3. this outfit is pretty sweet - i'd totally repeat it.
    I don't know that i would ever wear the same exact outfit two days in a row, but I definitely go through phases with certain pieces and ill wear the same top three times in one week. (and i definitely wont wash it in between.)

  4. I love your hair! And I don't think it's gross to wear the same thing two days in a row at all! Especially when it is as gorgeous and fall inspired as this one! I love the cords and the leopard shoes. If I were you, I would keep repeating this one!

  5. I was about to write and ask if you'd changed your hair colour or if it was the light, then read you had! It's gorgeous!! Looks perfect with the outfit!

    Catherine x

  6. First, I LOVE this jacket.

    I have no problem wearing the same thing two days in a row, and while I don't often wear the exact same outfit per se, I will often wear the same shirt or pants or jacket. And, if I'm being totally honest, even if I don't wear something twice in a row, I often wear my clothing at least twice before washing. Unless I spill or sweat profusely (as in, a really hot day or all of my gym clothes) I think it's wasteful to wash something after wearing it only once.

    Still love those chords, girl! :)


  7. Great outfit. I think it's ok to wear an outfit two days in a row to get some good shots but other than that I wouldn't. However, I think it's totally fine to wear an article of clothing or a bag or shoes two days in a row.

    MK Style Diaries

  8. I absolutely loooove these reds/oranges! Gorgeous :)

    <3 from San Francisco

  9. I wear my clothing multiple times before washing. My life just isn't that grubby or sweaty that stuff gets dirty very fast. Often the same thing two days in a row, too, but with a change of accessories to mix it up.


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